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Dark Souls II 12-Minute Gameplay Demo

If you happen to be crazy for ‘Dark Souls II’ and are craving something new for the game, then today is your lucky day! A 12-minute gameplay demo for the game was released for you all to see…Read More

Pre-Order Batman: Arkham Origins Now!

‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ was just recently announced by Warner Bros in which you can see the photos and information here. But now, the pre-orders for multiple retailers have begun…Read More

7 New Man Of Steel Photos Surface Online

Right after the first TV Spot for ‘Man Of Steel’ was released earlier this week, Entertainment Weekly has now released 7 new photos from the film. We get our first real look at Kal-El and General Zod as well as Ma and Pa Kent…Read More

Batman: Arkham Origins Announced, All Details, Info & Screenshots

Now this is EXACTLY what we’ve been waiting for since 2011. ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ was officially announced today to much appraise. A huge batch of details and information was revealed along with a few screenshots showing how much the game has improved…Read More

The Huge Problem With An Always-Online Console

Rumors and speculation have been going all around the internet the past few weeks or so about Microsoft creating an always-online console which would the successor to the Xbox 360. Much backlash and criticism of the possible move has been coming out everywhere from gamers, analysts, and even some developers. We’re going to take a look at all the major and minor problems of an always-online console…Read More

Mewtwo Gets A New Form For Pokemon X/Y

With rumors swirling this way and that way across the internet the past couple weeks, it’s about time we finally get some real news. Mewtwo’s new form has officially been confirmed. Although he looks pretty really weird with the new style, it’s still cool to know that our old pal from way back when is back in action…Read More

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